Embark equips families with the experience and understanding they need to heal.

Embark by Calo provides transformational Family Intensives and Workshops that address the root cause of what keeps adoptive families stuck in dysfunctional patterns.

At Embark we specialize in Going to the Root of the pain caused by developmental trauma, which is often complicated by adoption..

Our Services

Family Intensives

Embark offers 5 or 10 day, individualized, Family Intensives as our newest one-of-a-kind intervention. The family intensive provides clinical emersion and trauma integration including: therapy, assessment, intervention and treatment planning that optimizes healing.
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Parent Workshops

The Embark Parent Workshops offer emotional and behavioral empowerment to families impacted by the effects of complex developmental trauma (relinquishment, PTSD, low self-concept, maladaptive behaviors).
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Embark is a family intensive treatment using clinical immersion to provide assessment, psychotherapy, and experiential opportunities in a week long time frame.

Embark Intensive includes:

• Accommodations on Lake of the Ozarks
• Assessment Battery with HRV monitor and Balance Sensor
• State-of-the-Art Clinical Treatment
• Comprehensive Summary Report
• Continuing Care Planning

Embark uses evidence-based, holistic therapies in a much more intensive and targeted way to achieve accelerated results. Families dealing with issues related to early trauma like depression, anxiety, poor interpersonal relations, substance abuse and many other behavioral health conditions can experience remarkable benefits starting in the first session.

What Families Say

  • “It was so nice to get real help from professionals that understand what our family struggles with on a daily basis. The therapists helped us better understand the effects of the developmental trauma our son suffered and gave us real tools to use with him. The work we did at the intensive was difficult, but extremely helpful. I can’t say enough good things about Embark by Calo.”
  • “I actually think it could have been more days. The time was emotionally tough but I feel like it could have been one additional day or even two to allow a deeper exploration. It wasn’t until the second day that I felt I had finally gotten the “hang” of what we were doing there.
    I have gone to various therapists over the years and in all cases, there is that 50 minute “hour” that demarks the start and end of processing emotions. Unlike that tidy clock, emotions don’t turn up just for the duration of that (abbreviated) hour. Though I’ve found that 50 minutes is better than *no* minutes, there has not been one single instance where I attended a therapy session (individual or group) where I ran out of ground to cover or items that need exploration BEFORE the session was over. It always feels like, just as progress has started up, the clock runs out. I’m out the door and in my car and merging into traffic and feeling like I won’t remember what I did/didn’t process. There’s a sad realization that it will be a week before I will be back in that safe space where I can try to pry up the lid on my innermost thoughts, process my feelings, and make progress. Embark was the first time -the VERY first time – that I didn’t run out of time before I ran out of things to process. This was an astounding realization for me. Having the full attention of a team of three multi-disciplined experienced therapists for half a day, every day, for almost a complete week was indescribably powerful. I had a chance to ponder, to explore tangents, to really listen to my family members- all without that feeling of a ticking clock behind me counting down. I cannot say enough good things about Embark. It provided my family with the time, space, and safety to *really* dig in to the thoughts, feelings and emotions that encompass all of us. Embark was a wonderful experience and provided an opportunity for insights into my family that I think is unique in the therapeutic realm. Thank you Calo/Embark for an amazing experience. 🙂

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About Calo

For over a decade, Calo Programs has created hundreds of successful outcomes for families struggling with developmental trauma, often complicated by adoption. We serve preteens, teens and emerging adults.
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