Family Workshops

Many of us learn by reading or hearing new information. Most of us learn best through hands on experience. Living the techniques and experiencing the change is the goal of our Workshops. If you want to make a difference in the life of your child; and you are yearning for your family to experience joy and connection, please join us. We can work together to bring your family together.
Calo’s one-of-a-kind Embark Parent Workshops offer healing and empowerment to families impacted by the effects of complex developmental trauma, particularly as it relates to adoption. These workshops are great for families as:

• A Residential diversion intervention
• A Refresher for Families that have already undergone residential or wilderness treatment
• Or currently have their child enrolled in a treatment program or wilderness program

As a commitment to the journey, many of our families commit to coming to these Workshops once every year.
The Workshops last 2.5 days and are held periodically throughout the year in various locations throughout the United States.

Family Workshop Themes and Experiences include but are not limited to:
• The Healing Power of Play
• Acceptance
• Grief and Loss
• Experiencing Healthy Intimacy (CASA)
• Growth is Outside the Comfort Zone
• Equipped to Connect
• Creating a Safe P.L.A.C.E
• Security and Co Regulation, Creating Bottom Lines for Your Home

Space is limited to 10 families per workshop.

Let us know of your interest now! There is space limited to only 10 families.

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